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Volume I
September 2010



Dr. R. Padmavathy
Lecturer in Commerce
SRR & CVR Govt. College

Tirumala Milk Dairy Pvt. Ltd. was started at Narasaraopet in the year 1998 with a handling capacity of 1.50 Lakh Ltrs. per day from all the chilling centres established in the Palnadu and Narasaraopet divisions.  Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. established 25 Chilling centers in Andhra Pradesh and 8 chilling centers in Tamilnadu to procure both Cow & Buffalo milk. Best quality milk is procured and chilled at chilling centers, to retain freshness of milk. The strength of the Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. is to procure more than 6.0 lakh liters of milk directly from agents/farmers using state-of-the-art machinery and professionally trained staff. Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. covers the entire spectrum of dairy products sold in markets. The complete range of Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. is highly nutritious, healthy and brings you a world of goodness. Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. pasteurizes and packages all fresh dairy products in technologically superior and hygienic conditions to ensure pure natural freshness. Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd., Handles 6.5 Lakhs Liters of Milk per day in all their packing Stations and main dairy plant which is the highest in the state of Andhra Pradesh




Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. has its main dairy plant at Kadivedu with handling capacity of 4.0 lakhs lts of milk per day from various chilling centers and local units.

Main plant processes 3.0 Lakhs Lts of milk per day in automatic sachet filling machines for supply and distribution to Chennai, Tirupati, Nellore, etc… in insulated puffs.

There is continuous growth in sale of milk from 50000 ltrs to 350000 ltr with in a span of one-decade.

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. has its own supply chain management, which is the key to timely distribution.

At our Palamaner unit processes and supplies 1.00 lakh liters of milk and 20000 liters of curd to Bangolore city.

Our Vellalacheruvu & Bhimadolu packing stations processes and supplies 2.0 lakh liters of milk to Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijayawada. Elure, Guntur and Rajahmundry.

Our Wadiyaram plant has capacity of 50000 Liters milk to cater to the markets of Medak, Nizambad, Adilabad and Karim Nagar Districts of A.P


The Main Plant has modern equipments to manufacture milk products like Butter, Ghee and Milk Powder. Butter is made from pure cow & buffalo fat under hygienically processed through continues butter making machine with a capacity of 8 tones per day. Ghee is made from pure cow & buffalo butter under supervision of 30 years experienced dairy technologists to retain granulation, color and aroma of ghee with a capacity of 8 tones per day. Milk powder is made from fresh cow & buffalo milk and the plant is capable of producing all type of milk powders with a capacity of 15 tones per day. By-Products like Sterilized Flavoured Milk, Lassi, Khova, Milk Cake, Mysore pak, Panner ,Ice creams

AndhraPradesh- Guntur                                                                             

Tirumala dairy to launch ice-cream                                    

Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: Tirumala Milk Products Pvt. Limited has ventured into ice-creams segment in South India.

It proposed to launch its brand in Guntur district on Saturday, its managing partner Bolla Bhrahmanaidu told reporters.

                    A diary set up by four friends decades ago with a capacity of 15,000 litres to process, today it sells 7 lakh litres of milk with a chain of 57 refrigeration and packing units spread over Karnataka, Andhra and TN, he added. With a view to continuously improving the quality and bringing value addition, it had earned good patronage in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. is one of the leading dairy in India. It is primarily known for its quality products and outstanding variety. We are equipped with exceptional technology and skilled manpower. Our success factor in the region is total customer satisfaction and modernization.

Attractive workplace

At  Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. our employees are an important resource and we want to be among the top-attractive workplaces. Our key tool is a close dialogue between our owners, our management and our employees to ensure that both the company’s and our employees’ requirements are covered in the best possible way.

High ambitions

It is no secret that we have high ambitions. Our objective is to be the leader at all dairy product stages from product development, through production and sales. For that we need top-motivated and engaged employees.

Excellent career opportunities

At Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. we have created an environment with almost unlimited career opportunities.

Responsible and committed employees

When recruiting employees we look for both personal as well as professional qualifications. Our future colleagues must be able to identify themselves with our normal run of the company and our development, and they must be committed to take responsibility for making a difference. Equally important is their ability to communicate and co-operate crisscross departments and frontiers. Therefore, Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd.’ employees are characterized by their pursue of lifelong learning and development.

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. is one of the preferred companies to work with because we believe in:

The power of Open Door Communication

Providing fair treatment

Giving Equal Opportunity to everyone

Providing diversity through nature of work and people

Opposing any form of harassment

Encouraging a performance driven enterprise.

About Product:-

   This pasteurised standarised milk product contains rich gradients and vitmains, makes life much healthier, Packing available : 200ml.

 Milk and Milk Products

This category consists of flavoured milk products with different flavours like Strawberry, Pineapple, Elachi, Badam and Mango. This category consists of Milk which is standard and healthy. The pasteurised standarised milk product contains rich gradients and vitmanis,makes life much healthier, Packing available:200ml.

Farmers are more attracted towards private dairies because

At this juncture, we can easily percept the high necessity of dairy as an industry to meet the requirement of the country citizens. when compared to last two decades a tremendous growth in Private sector was observed and most of the entrepreneurs are entering into the industry and even MNC are also showing interest to dump the dairy products in to the country through W.T.O. simultaneously our dairy products are also available in the International market specially in Gulf countries like Dubai, Quatar and U.A.E. The dairy industry is taking share of the G.D.P. at level of 33 5 in the country. The major threat of the industry is spoilages and storage of milk products and milk respectively. This could be avoided by observing the sanitization, cleanliness, advanced techniques and awareness programmes etc. The milk is nation’s property and it should be safeguarded from dairy farmer level to dairy plant level.

The milk when once it is released from the udder, the milk should be either heat treated & chilled or simultaneously heat treated and chilled so that its shelf life i.e. keeping quality of such milk is prolonged this should be carried with in 4-41/2 hrs after milk collection. Later, stages the milk starts souring, curdling and finally spoilage causing not fit for consumption as the lactic acid bacteria produces its acid liberally in the milk with its rapid multiplication in to 1000 of millions with in seconds. So such highly perishable article should be planned and safeguarded, for such timely action, recent dairy engineering branches have invented the machineries for quick processing equipment avoiding the old traditional ammonia plants. Now the recent innovations in refrigeration engineering introduced bulk milk coolers, which can be operated at village level on single phase AC Power supply up to the capacity of 1000 Ltrs and also on Diesel generator set as DC Power supply. By establishment such milk bulk coolers at village level the milk drawn from udder can be preserved immediately and the quality of milk is improved by arresting the growth of the lactic acid bacteria.

Now such milk is very useful for manufacture of milk products as well market milk. Further the products out of such milk are delicious, nutritious and highly energetic. Baby food with highly standards of food adulteration acts, can be possible to manufacture to meet the international standards and marketing in World trade organization (W.T.O).